New Music, a Full Free Movie and More

I’m well aware that it’s been a very long time since I posted anything substantial to my blog, but there’s a pretty good reason for it: I’ve been busy. Busy making cool stuff that I’ll be able to share with you in the future. Among that cool stuff is a book I’ve been very slowly but surely writing that should be of great interest to any creative people who have enjoyed my writing in the past. As I get closer to completing it, I’ll be posting various chapters and excerpts to finally have some quality new content for you. I’ve also been working on illustrations for a children’s book and lots and lots of music. But in the meantime, I haven’t wanted to half-ass blog posts just to have them. To paraphrase Ron Swanson, I only want to whole-ass stuff on this site.

In that spirit of whole-assing, I’d never waste your time with a new post without having something great for your enjoyment. As it happens, I have three things for you to see and hear right now.

First off, I’ve been hard at work over the last year beefing up my composing portfolio. I’ve put together a playlist of tracks that I think well-represents what I have to offer as a composer and should be an enjoyable listen as well. It’s a mixture of stuff I’ve done in the past and brand new tracks that haven’t been heard anywhere else. You can listen to it here.

But that’s not my only new music! I recently signed on to make tracks in the genres of “relaxation” and “deep focus” for Spotify. I released my first EP of three very soothing songs called Above the Clouds. The title is a nod to a blog post I wrote many years ago. Listen to this EP and give me a Spotify follow here. Maybe listen to it while you’re studying for a big test of some sort, or while you’re relaxing after, uh, taking a big test of some sort.


Oh, that’s not enough for you, huh? Well, you’re a tough customer but a fair one, so I saved a biggie for last. The feature-length indie film I scored a few years ago called I Hate You is now available in full and for free on YouTube. Go forth and watch it. I dare you! And while you do, don’t forget to notice how great the music is. Or, at least, hopefully you won’t notice how shitty the music is. If you find the music passable at best, I’ll consider it a bare minimum win.

Watch I Hate You here.

I hope it won’t be too long before I’m back in the habit of posting insightful thoughts on creativity, but rest assured my silence hasn’t been due to laziness. I’m working hard to get some great stuff in front of you in the future. Until then, stay creative my friends!