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How To Be an Artist With a Day Job

There are fifty thousand articles online about turning your creative passion into a full-time career (that's an exact number I counted myself, so no need to check if it’s accurate). Many of said fifty thousand articles include very good advice. You should read them and maybe take what they say to heart. But there aren’t many articles tackling the far more common situation: being an artist and having a*gulp*day job.

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Advice to My 13-Year-Old Self

5 Tips From My 31-Year-Old Self

I once proposed that in addition to Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays, we add Wistful Wednesdays, dedicated to looking back on moments of your life with deep, soul-crushing regret.

I was kidding, of course. I don’t think regret is a very useful tool other than the occasional growth experience, and by that I mean one good, solid moment of regret followed by a hearty helping of lesson-learned and a generous serving of self-forgiveness.

Sometimes, as a direct result of my First World free time, I think about how much cooler, better off, smarter, more confident and interesting I’d be if I were to suddenly transport back to being a teenager with the knowledge and experience I have now. This is usually accompanied by an oddly real anxiety that I might actually magically fly back in time and be forced to relive the most awkward years of my life.

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Don't Tell Me How to Be Happy

There are a whole lot of people out there telling me what would make me happy. Trouble is, most of them are also trying to sell me something, so it’s with a healthy dose of skepticism that I listen to their advice.

But it’s not just advertisements that have been beating their messages into my head for my entire life. It seems like just about everyone has something to tell me about finding contentment. Teachers tell me what skills I need to make a living in the real world. Blogs preach their truths of what would really fulfill me. From people I know and trust to complete strangers, everyone has an opinion—and I’ve been intently listening for nearly three decades. Why wouldn’t I? We all want to be happy, so we take as many tips as we can get.

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