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No One Cares, and That's OK

Look: I know there are people who are genuinely interested and excited when I come out with new music, a new comic or a new blog post. Most of them are friends and family, but no matter who they are, I’m delighted that someone out there can enjoy the things I love to make.

But in the big picture, there’s an unavoidable fact: for the most part, nobody really cares what I do. It’s not just creative stuff, either. On a day to day basis, the vast majority of human beings in the world couldn’t possibly care any less about what I think, feel, create or accomplish. The same thing applies to you. In fact, it even applies to famous people. While an album release by a well-known artist could affect the lives of thousands, even millions of people, still the majority of the population just couldn’t give two shits. Many of the people we consider important, influential or powerful don’t really move the needle in the life of the average person. In short: nobody cares what you do.

And that’s OK.

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