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Just F#%*ing Do It

A lot of people, myself included, seem to lack motivation sometimes.

They procrastinate, make excuses, waste time, feel the need to find inspirational quotes online to spur them forward. (And by "they" I mean "me," obviously.)

I say screw that.

When it comes down to it, just about every fork in the road, every moment when we have the option to do anything, we are making one single decision: do it or don’t do it. Over and over. Every time.

So here’s the only motivational quote you need right now: Just F#%*ing Do It.

Apply it to everything. Here are a few examples:

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The Importance of Reminders

Some days I wish I were a wise old sage, able to conjure the profoundest of philosophies to complement any moment or opportunity that might present itself. Or I wish I were like Wilson from Home Improvement, a human library filled with quotes that spanned centuries of the greatest thinkers throughout history. I see websites devoted to reflective quotes and their everyday application to our lives, I read stories of people who were seemingly inspired to do their life’s work by a brief passage in a book.


A Wanna-be Guru


It’s inspiring to live with your mindset in these contemplative places, but I sometimes forget that nobody really lives in them 100% of the time. Try as I might, my roster of memorized quotes and their sources is slim, maybe a handful at best. So when I am trying to remember the right bit of condensed wisdom for the moment, I’ll silently chastise myself for not being a walking encyclopedia of thought. Or maybe I’ll reprimand myself for not applying one of my own recently formulated philosophies to one of life’s scenarios.

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