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4 Songs That Don't Mean What You Think They Mean

Despite the contingent of hardcore fans who think I'm infallible, I am but a human being who puts his pants on two legs at a time and occasionally makes mistakes. For example, there have been several times where I've wildly misinterpreted the meaning of a song. It happens to the best of us.

Even though the beauty of art means we can each create our own personal meanings, there are times when people are straight up wrong in what they think a song is about. Sometimes it’s an understated detail they’ve glossed over, other times it’s something so glaringly obvious one can't help but wonder if English is their first, second or third language.

I’m singling out four oft-misunderstood songs in this post, plus a bonus song for people who like getting an extra free thing along with their other, already-free things. Here are some songs that you may never look at the same way again.

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7 Very Good Reasons Why You Might Want to Get an Apple Watch

Full disclosure: I use some Apple products. I like my iPhone just fine, I’ve used iMacs as my primary computer for almost 15 years, and I have an ancient iPad that barely works and essentially serves as a museum piece showing what a status symbol used to look like all the way back in 2010. So my opinion might be slightly colored by my enjoyment of many Apple products. 

You can be sure that when I heard Apple was coming out with a watch, I wanted to learn the details. Now that I’ve educated myself about this new piece of gear, I feel confident in my ability to articulate exactly why you might want to buy one of these bad boys. So here are seven very good reasons why you might want to get an Apple Watch.

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15 Signs You're Overly-Addicted to Reading Online Lists
  1. You clicked on this link.

  2. Buzzfeed comes up in your browser’s suggested sites.

  3. You click on “20 Things You Realize When You’re In Your Twenties” just in case there’s something you didn’t know you were supposed to be thinking at this age and you really don’t want to be the only not thinking it.

  4. You look at lists featuring pictures of animal friendships, epic autocorrect fails and hilarious wedding names because even though you’ve definitely seen almost all of these, there might be 3 out of 50 that you haven’t yet.

  5. You are still reading this right now.


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Advice to My 13-Year-Old Self

5 Tips From My 31-Year-Old Self

I once proposed that in addition to Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays, we add Wistful Wednesdays, dedicated to looking back on moments of your life with deep, soul-crushing regret.

I was kidding, of course. I don’t think regret is a very useful tool other than the occasional growth experience, and by that I mean one good, solid moment of regret followed by a hearty helping of lesson-learned and a generous serving of self-forgiveness.

Sometimes, as a direct result of my First World free time, I think about how much cooler, better off, smarter, more confident and interesting I’d be if I were to suddenly transport back to being a teenager with the knowledge and experience I have now. This is usually accompanied by an oddly real anxiety that I might actually magically fly back in time and be forced to relive the most awkward years of my life.

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Lessons I Learned From Being Poor

I was very fortunate to have grown up in relative comfort as a kid. While my family wasn’t exactly wealthy, there was never a question of whether there would be food on the table or bills would be paid. I was encouraged not to live wastefully and to be smart with my money, but it was never a situation where we were conserving energy for fear that we wouldn’t be able to cover the electric bill.

Then I went to college.

Many of us get a pretty good dose of living the “poor college student” life, then graduate to join a workforce that pays a reasonable—if modest at first—salary and holds the promise of future growth and prosperity. But I didn’t do what most people do. I chose to pursue the artist’s life, one that all too often lives up to its “starving” cliche.

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