About Me

I've always liked making stuff—mostly abstract stuff like music and art since my skills at making physical things are lacking, but I feel a genuine kinship with makers of all kinds. Writing is at the heart of everything I create: writing music, jokes, my thoughts, stories. I spent years trying to find my creative voice; it turns out in order to discover it, I first had to lose my identity.

I grew up in suburban Philadelphia drawing cartoons all over my class notes and playing guitar every chance I got, then after graduating from music college I moved to Los Angeles with a band called Shaimus. We did some cool stuff together for almost seven years, like getting a song in a video game that became a cultural phenomenon (and no, I am not good at playing my own guitar solo in Guitar Hero) and appearing in a really bad movie that still somehow managed to be #1 for a weekend, most likely due to my slightly out-of-focus but no less Oscar-worthy on screen appearances (more details on those in the "Braggy Facts" below). Then the band that I had so deeply associated my existence with broke up, and I was faced with a confounding identity crisis. I was also struggling mightily with trying to achieve lasting happiness for myself.

I later came to the realization that I was not defined by being in a band, or really by any of the activities I participated in. I was a human being experiencing a blink of miraculous existence in a ridiculously fascinating universe, much of which I found funny, some of which I found frustrating, and all of which I found engaging, interesting and compelling. What I had to offer the world was both simpler and more genuine than what I assumed for so long: I would contribute my point of view of this absurd human experience as a participant, a friend, a smart-ass and an artist. I would also do a fair share of drinking beer and watching sports, but that's just how this shit goes, man. This adjusted outlook on my place in life led to many good things, including genuine happiness (although that's not exactly what I call it anymore).

Around the time I had this epiphany, I noticed I had a strong connection to and passion for creating not only music but also art and writing. Each of these mediums helps me express different but equally crucial aspects of myself and my worldview, and I need to create all three to feel complete as an artist. The things described in the previous paragraph are what my creations are about, and this site is the home I made for them. Thank you for stopping by.

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  • Guitar playing featured in video games
    • Guitar Hero ("All Of This") and Rock Band 2 ("Like a Fool," "All Of This")
  • Music featured in TV shows & a major motion picture as a member of Shaimus
    • TV: One Tree Hill and Ruby and the Rockits among others
    • Film: Sony/Screen Gems' The Roommate (2011)
  • Made an on-screen appearance in The Roommate
    • Single-handedly propelled film to #1 at the box office for one glorious weekend
  • Composer for film, TV and web
    • Scored the feature-length indie film I Hate You
    • Contributed music to the record-breaking Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter campaign
    • Composed theme song to The Arkham Sessions podcast
    • Music written for various web series for Shout! Factory and others
    • Experience writing music for commercials
  • Did some other awesome stuff
    • Rock guitar version of the Philadelphia Eagles Fight Song became regular feature on Philly's #1 morning show, The Preston and Steve Show
    • Studio & live session guitarist for over 30 artists
    • Wrote, produced and recorded two solo albums and one EP


  • Humorist, blogger and web content/copy writer
    • A combination that no one has ever been in the history of the Internet
    • Current editor of the Shout! Factory blog
    • Sketch comedy writer for Your Weekly Shout Out web series
    • Writer of small bits of comedy on Twitter and Tumblr
  • Occasional writer of funny videos
  • Able to string together multiple sentences with multi-syllabic words
    • What a cockamamie protestation


  • Writer and artist for Of The Fittest
  • Illustrator of blog posts
    • Because blogs are better with humorous visuals
  • Can draw things that are slightly better than stick figures
    • But slightly worse than some other things