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Hi, I’m Evan. I like to create stuff and I probably try to do too many things.

My main thing is making music

I’m a composer for film and video. I scored a feature-length indie film. I make chill-out music on Spotify that’s gotten millions of streams. I write rock songs. I was in a band called Shaimus, and my guitar solo was featured in the original Guitar Hero video game. We even got to be in a movie called The Roommate. It wasn’t a very good movie but it was #1 for one weekend and I almost got a line, so whatever.

I love to draw cartoons

I have a webcomic about dinosaurs and puns and my own life called Of The Fittest. I compiled a bunch of comics into a self-published book called Who Murdered The Delivery Boy? and I often illustrate my blog posts. I’m currently working on illustrations for a children’s book. My drawings are slightly better than stick figures and slightly worse than some other things.

Writing is at the heart of everything I create

I write music, jokes, my thoughts, stories, etc. So it’s only natural that I do a lot of regular writing as well. I write about creativity and life in my blog. I am constantly cracking jokes and sharing them on Twitter. Professionally, I’ve written blog posts and website copy and product copy and promo videos and comedy videos and more. You can check out my writing portfolio. I’m currently working on a book.

On this site, my own little haven on the web, you can listen to a ton of music, check out all my comics, and read all sorts of blog posts and news updates. If you’d like to get in touch with me, either in regards to a project you’re working on or just to say hi/hurl random insults at me, you can do that on the contact page. If you’re interested in following what I do, subscribe to my email updates and follow me on social media.

A little more about me: I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, went to music school in Boston and have lived in Los Angeles since 2005. I love watching sports and movies, I enjoy a good craft beer or Islay Scotch, I like books even though I’m a slow reader and I embrace the outdoors even though I get sunburned easily. I create my art based on the realization that I’m a human being experiencing a blink of miraculous existence in a ridiculously fascinating universe, much of which I find funny, some of which I find frustrating, and all of which I find engaging, interesting and compelling.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope today is the greatest day in the history of your life.