Shout Breaks Out Web Series

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Happy Hour With BoJack Horseman

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I Hate You - Full Movie

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Clean Jimmy Sheen - Book Trailer

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Short Film

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I Hate You - Trailer

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Tiny Dictator - Video Game

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In addition to being one of the most talented musicians I know, Evan is a fantastic composer and a true pleasure to collaborate with. We’ve worked together on multiple projects across various different genres - ranging from dramatic television theme songs, to video game scores, and even to a whimsical children’s book trailer. I’m continually impressed by Evan’s creativity, versatility, and the speed at which he can deliver great music!
— Adam Hann-Byrd, Actor/Screenwriter/Author
No matter what I’ve needed over the past several years, whether it’s been a podcast or show intro music or a soundalike for any type of project, Evan’s always been able to come through with flying colors. He’s so diverse and never disappoints!
— Brian Ward, Filmmaker/Podcaster
As a musician, Evan knows how to play. As a film scorer, Evan knows when not to play. His senses of tone, mood, and timing are impeccable, and his cues for I Hate You consistently hit the emotional bullseye. This feature marked our first collaboration as director and composer; thanks to his creative openness and enthusiasm, I’m certain it will not be our last.
— Brad Kageno, Director

Chill Out


Children’s Music


“Something” - The Beatles (Solo Ukulele)

“Shake It Up” - The Cars (Guitar Solo)

“Bohemian Rhapsody” - Queen (Guitar Solo)

“Empty Nest” (Original Guitar Composition)